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Hard Floor Off Road Camper Trailers
Soft Floor Off Road Camper Trailers


Mountain Trail Campers are high quality Australian made off-road camper trailers, designed to withstand harsh outback touring conditions.  Our campers have been tested in all regions of Australia and are proven to be reliable, durable and practical. We were judged by Camper Trailer Australia as a finalist in the "2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 Camper of the Year" and won the "2016 Camper of the Year" with the EDX Hard Floor. The "Camper of the Year" competition judged the campers on off-road performance, ease of use, family friendliness, finish quality and affordability.

For 2016, we have new ideas, concepts and innovations, taking us to unsurpassed levels in the camper trailer revolution. We can offer effortless "automatic" tent set up, a swing over boat loader, outback solar packs plus many more modern features on both our soft floor and hard floor campers. We have our own product development team researching and testing our products full time here in Australia and overseas.

Our campers are easy to tow, fast to set up and suitable for families with a need for quick weekend getaways and holidays, through to retired couples looking to tour outback Australia in ease and comfort.

What makes us unique apart from design and level of quality is our assembly method.  We build the campers on an automotive construction platform, which utilises 3D CAD engineering.  This high level of construction ensures that each and every camper is assembled within an extremely tight tolerance, is superior in strength, and lighter than anything else on the market with comparable inclusions.
Our Escalade soft floor camper is built with an internal staircase for easy bed access and additional storage space. All of our campers have a long list of standard inclusions such as our slide out kitchen and pantry, comprehensive power system and gas strut assisted frame to make your trip effortless and enjoyable.

Our EDX hard floor camper is designed for ease of use for couples and small families.  This innovative model features effortless electric set up and pack as standard, and is fully equipped with every possible option as standard.

Every camper that comes out of our factory is identical and symmetrical, with all the versatility, comfort and quality that you demand. We pride ourselves on our high level of quality and attention to detail, from the 3D CAD design through to the final product. With precision engineering, quality materials and all round practicality, you will see why our campers are in a class of their own.

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Camper Trailer of the Year 2016

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Upcoming Shows


Canberra Home Show 

Exhibition Park, Canberra, ACT

21-23th October, 2016


Bendigo Leisurefest Show

Bendigo Racecourse, Bendigo, VIC

18-20th November, 2016


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Electric Set Up and Pack Up

Mountain Trail Campers was the first rear hard floor and soft floor camper trailer manufacturer to offer effortless electric set up and pack up